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Agriculture > Sustainable Agriculture

The exponential increase in world population and growth in food demand can result in significant environmental impacts when sustainable agricultural practices are not properly followed:


  • SOIL erosion, sealing, contamination with harmful substances, compaction, desertification.
  • WATER pollution by harmful substances, eutrophication, overexploitation. Approximately 70% of the water used in the world is destined to agriculture.
  • BIODIVERSITY loss, ecosystems degradation, endangered species.
  • CLIMATE change, GHG emissions, in particular carbon dioxide and methane.

The pollution and degradation of natural resources caused by unsustainable farming practices, threaten to reduce productivity and impair agriculture itself, as well as to create irreparable social and environmental damage.

Friend of the Earth's mission is to drive agricultural production toward sustainable practices.
Friend of the Earth’s certification standard rewards those companies that operate in accordance with the practices of sustainable agriculture and farming:


  • reducing the impact on the ecosystem to a negligible level,
  • improve energy efficiency and waste management,
  • use integrated pest management practices,
  • comply with the regulations
  • implement social responsibility practices.


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