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Livestock was most likely practiced prior to the introduction of agriculture practices. Man was able to select animals manageable over time to obtain not only meat, milk and eggs, but also for their skins and furs and to help in the fields cultivation.

Meat consumption has grown constantly over the past century: FAO estimates that it has increased globally by almost 400%, compared to 1961. The introduction of intensive farming methods has led to an increase in production and to a sharp fall in prices.

Unsustainable farming practices can lead to a number of negative impacts on the environment and in turn on communities themselves.:


  • SOIL: deforestation, drying, compaction, erosion, pollution from manure and waste, overexploitation.
  • CLIMATE: In 2006, FAO report Livestock's long shadow calculated that factory farms produce 18% of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide for deforestation, manure, fertilizer use, intestinal fermentation of ruminants.
  • WATER: groundwater pollution by antibiotics and fertilizers, loss of aquatic ecosystems, overexploitation.
  • BIODIVERSITY: deforestation, ecosystems loss. It has been calculated that, for example, to produce 1 kg of beef can take up to 20 m3 of forest, 15,000 L of water, 15.8 kg of CO2, 15 kg of cereals (FAO, Livestock's Long Shadow).

It is clear that SUSTAINABLE farming practices have to take the lead to allow for further increase in farming production.
Friend of the Earth promotes, through its certification standards, "best practices" for sustainable farming.

The performance indicators of the standard verify that, among others, measures are taken to:


  • save energy and improve the management of waste,
  • reduce GHG emissions,
  • ensure animal welfare,
  • reduced use of antibiotics,
  • ecosystems conservation,
  • social responsibility.

Friend of the Earth’s ecolabel, provides added value to the product and assures consumers about of the sustainable production practices.

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