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Parabowa from Sri Lanka achieves Friend of the Earth international certification for coconut and rice

Parabowa from Sri Lanka achieves Friend of the Earth international certification for coconut and rice



Parabowa Exporters, a farmer association in Sri Lanka, has recently achieved the Friend of the Earth sustainability certification for coconut and rice. The company can now display the official seal of approval on its products.

Parabowa obtains rice and coconut from Friend of the Earth approved farmers and complies with strict Friend of the Earth certification requirements, including conservation of natural ecosystems. In particular, farming operations do not alter or contaminate natural water channels, since certified farmers do not use any pesticides or fertilizers. Rain water is mainly used for paddy cultivation.

Furthermore, the company has implemented an efficient waste management system that reduces negative impacts on the facility and the surrounding environment.

“Parabowa has been working towards a better future for numerous farmers in Sri Lanka, who produce healthy food using eco-friendly farming practices,” says Rasika Pemasiri, Managing Director of Parabowa. “We are very proud to have achieved the Friend of the Earth certification as it confirms our environmental commitment.”


Parabowa Exporters
Parabowa Exporters is a large farmer association in Sri Lanka that currently counts about 2500 registered farmers. Parabowa’s main mission is to conserve food crops using the traditional agro-ecological practices by farmers in Sri Lanka, without adding any synthetic harmful agro-chemicals or fertilizers to the soil. The company promotes sustainable cultivation of a large variety of products, including rice, coconut, fruits and vegetables.

Friend of the Earth
Friend of the Earth is a non-profit project for the certification of products from sustainable agriculture and farming. Coming from the positive experience of the Friend of the Sea certification for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, Friend of the Earth is rapidly growing as the leading international label for sustainable agriculture production. Friend of the Earth certification requirements are based on FAO's SAFA guidelines for sustainable agriculture and farming. Certified production sites cannot be developed on critical habitats and producers must have a social and environmental management system in place, be compliant with national environmental laws, conserve existing ecosystems and reduce their impacts to a sustainable level.

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