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Anyone interested in providing her/his input and knowledge on agricultural or farming sites under assessment, is allowed and invited to contribute to audits.

Individuals, companies and organizations can register as stakeholders, by sending an email to, including a CV, inputs and comments, within the deadline for submission specified on the News area under Planned and Ongoing Audits.


Please provide official scientific evidence in support of your statements and conclusions. Comments or inputs which are not supported by scientific or proved evidence cannot be taken into consideration by the Certification Body. Stakeholders have to indicate which requirements they believe are not complied with.


The Certification Body will have to provide public answer to any objection to certification. Certification Body answers will be published in the final Audit Report and could lead to failure to certify.
Only objections received within 15 days after publication of preliminary audit report will be handled.
If you simply wish to be updated on new agricultural or farming sites under assessment, please contact us at


Stakeholders are an important part of the Friend of the Earth project. In order to ensure adequate involvement, the following procedure is applied:

1) At least 15 days before the audit starts, a notification of a company assessment will be inserted into the section News of the Friend of the Earth website. During this period of consultation, stakeholders can file their comments and objections.

2) Only comments based on scientific evidence are taken into consideration by the Certification Body.

3) The preliminary audit report is uploaded on to the Friend of the Earth website.

4) Stakeholders can raise objections within 15 days from publication of the preliminary audit report on Friend of the Earth website.

5) In case no objection is raised within the given time, products are certified as Friend of the Earth for 3 years, subject to periodical surveillance audits.

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